Casual Cycling Tour of Miki City

The e-BIKE tour was organized by the Miki City Tourism Association.
The tour was held at the same time as the RIDAS membership tour, with two tours held in the morning and afternoon, and many people participated.
In addition, since safety and security are our first priority, we had the luxury of having four JCGA-certified guides on the tour this time!
Many people think of Miki City in terms of golf, but there are many other things to see and do in the center of the city.
We enjoyed exploring the area by bicycle, which is something you cannot do by ordinary sightseeing, taking a cab or bus, or walking around eating and drinking gourmet food.
Some people said they had no idea that Miki City had such steep hills….
With the real sports type e-BIKE, the hills were not even there.

We were fascinated by the charm of Miki City, Hyogo Prefecture.