Cycling Advisory Program

This program is designed to respond to requests from municipalities and companies that wish to promote cycling tourism, create attractive cycling routes, train cycling guides, establish cyclist-friendly commercial facilities, have cycling lectures, and more. We help revitalize local regions by appealing their hidden charms, while deepening the public’s understanding of what’s great about cycling. We look forward to receiving your inquiries.


We don’t just ride bikes endlessly.
Our tours have destination-based themes that stimulate your curiosity.

  • Tours are customized to the riders'level
  • Supports put riders first, not riding distance, speed or intensity

The support car can carry up to 15 bikes and is equipped with bicycle maintenance tools, a rack for up to 40 bikes, a tent for changing, spare pedals, drinking water, dietary supplements, First Aid Kit, and AED (automated external defibrillator). It assists and supports riders during cycling. Upon arriving at sightseeing destinations, riders can sightsee worry-free by leaving their bikes and belongings on the car. The support car will dispel riders’ cycling concerns.

Photo & Video

We leverage our experience in photography and filming, including our Photo & Ride event, to create and provide beautiful sports bicycle photos and videos. Our popular services include cycling portrait photography that beautifully captures the natural gestures of cyclists, perfect for cycling event teasers as well as profile photos for club teams. We also do photo and film shoots of the splendid sceneries of local regions as well as to make cycling route maps for events. We can provide everything from full-size still photos and 4K videos to photos and videos taken with a drone.

Indoor Gym

Cycling training requires specialized equipment and training methods. RIDAS has its own indoor gym for cycling in Kusatsu, Shiga Prefecture. It offers specialized training using power meters, weight training using free weights, cycling yoga combining cycling and yoga, and more. The gym also offers personal training that is customized to each person. Because cycling is a sport that uses equipment and the body, a gym exclusively for cyclists offers an effective training environment.


Personal training and cycling yoga are carried out.