RIDAS offers recreational services to have fun on sports bicycles.

RIDAS Corporation runs a business focused on sports bicycle events, leisure activities, and practical undertakings. We provide services of all sorts related to sports bicycles, drawing on our 18 years of experience in the retail sales of sports bicycles (as of 2018).

Unlike the familiar bicycle, using a sports bicycle requires expertise and experience. That’s where we come in. RIDAS offers supports to address the needs of its clients. We believe cycling is one of the best methods for protecting the environment, maintaining sustainability, and supporting health and wellness. RIDAS contributes to society by providing enjoyable riding opportunities and cycling experiences.

RIDAS offers recreational services to have fun on sports bicycles.

The Group’s Business Policy

Good Riding
Good Experience
Good Memories

RIDAS fills shortfalls faced by clients.
We plan and hold events that make maximum use of brand value,
with the goal of further increasing the fan base.

Events that meet the needs of companies and groups

There is a host of cycling events.
Based on the wishes of clients, RIDAS plans programs that attract participants through a range of ways.
We can do anything cycling-related, including creating cycling routes, holding cycling tours, fostering cycle tourism, helping develop local businesses and conducting follow-ups, photos and videos for PR uses, cycle tourism lectures, and advising on attracting cyclists to commercial and accommodation facilities.
Photo: Yamagata Prefecture’s sports tourism promotion project, 2018

Test ride events and ride tours that draw in fans

RIDAS is involved in the operation side of test ride events and tours, a great opportunity for showcasing sports bicycle brands. We carry out events that appeal to customers without undermining the brand’s presence and value. By outsourcing, we ensure there is no shortage of staff, even for events often held on weekends. We provide similar services also at sports bicycle stores. Clients can be rest assured as the events can be marketed as their events, not RIDAS’.

Events for beginners and first-timers

Cycling events tend to be geared towards highly fit, experienced people, and this has raised complaints from some who are new to cycling. Cycling events that are standard in the West are still in the introductory phase in Japan. RIDAS proposes programs suited for beginners and first-timers.
In addition to organizing events for 18 years, we have been an official supporter of the JALPAK Honolulu Century Ride Tour for 10 years and patroller for the Biwa Ichi Ride for 7 years (as of 2018). We have the know-how to serve first-timers.