Jumbo Ferry and Shodoshima create cycle tourism

Take a cyclist-friendly ferry to Shodoshima.
Jumbo Ferry’s new vessel “Aoi” is a ferry with ideal facilities for cyclists. A dedicated elevator that allows cyclists to board with their bicycles still pushed along, dedicated booths for cyclists where they can hang their bikes on hangers while assembling them, special rooms where they can bring their bicycles into the cabin, reclining seats and private rooms for a fee, glass-walled bathrooms, footbaths, laundry facilities, etc. It is as if only cyclists are given special treatment. It seems as if they treat cyclists in a special way.
This time, I visited the island on business for Jumbo Ferry to create a product for an e-BIKE cycling tour of Shodoshima.
Remote islands are often suitable for cycling, but loading the bicycles onto the boat can be a certain stressful experience. Many of you may have experienced that you were already tired when you arrived at the island….
On the “Aoi,” there is no need to worry about that, and you will already feel a sense of satisfaction and elation from the moment you board the boat.
The biggest attraction on board is the daytime dive under the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, the world’s largest suspension bridge. The deck of the ferry is high up, so it is very powerful. This bridge, which I often pass by in my daily work, looks different from the boat.
This time, we were also given a special tour of the wheelhouse, which was very impressive!
I love gauges and switches, so I was glued to the ship for a while.
The development of the tour on Shodoshima Island was a great opportunity for Lydus to make full use of its main concept of “cycling through the original landscapes of Japan.
Although I have visited Shodoshima many times, I was able to learn about its unknown charms.