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Assist Service -CEEPO Triathlon Training Camp in Kyoto

RIDAS Corporation is involved in the assistance business for cyclists. This time, as a demonstration event, we assisted a training camp hosted by Ceepo, a well-known company in the triathlon scene in Japan and abroad.

Ceepo’s annual triathlon training camp held in Kyoto City in spring and summer

This event is hosted by Ceepo’s representative Tanaka. This year, participants of various levels gathered from Taiwan and Japan.

FUJITAYA BnB” is a guesthouse with close ties to Ceepo. The owner, Mr. Fujita, also enjoys triathlons with his wife. The guesthouse boasts a very spacious and beautiful facility, with 6 rental bikes from Ceepo and other vehicles available for rent. The owner’s passion for bicycles can be felt as she allows guests to bring their bikes inside for storage and organizes events for cyclists to enjoy their visit. In the future, they are planning to set up a car wash booth for general cyclists and a venue for exhibitions for manufacturers. The inn is close to Nishioji Station, making it a good base for fun in Kyoto City.

Briefing by Representative Tanaka before the start. A 120km course that crosses six mountain passes. Is this a triathlon training camp?


One of the Ceepo ambassadors, running facilitator Katsumi Kimura, also participated. He assisted the entire group.


Mountains in Taiwan are tough…but Kyoto is tough too.

A short break here.

During this time, RIDAS is responsible for adjusting the shifting of the participants’ bikes, watching their positions, and safely managing their bikes while they are being fed.

And furthermore…portrait photography.

Representative Tanaka is also cool.

Group photo at a thatched-roof village in Miyama, Japan, marked with the C of Ceepo.

And only Ceepo owners were photographed.

Of course, we also took pictures of scenes other than serious training. Nationality has nothing to do with Sweets Girl.


One person got a flat tire on the downhill when it started raining. It was a tubular tire, so we picked him up on the RIDAS and preceded him to the group. There we exchanged it for a spare wheel, and he continued to ride safely. We also carry spare wheels & bikes in case of emergencies.


It was quite intense, but we all returned home. Smiles of contentedness spread across their faces. After the race, we had a get-together at FUJITAYA BnB. It is usual in triathlon that there is a party after the race. It is fun to get used to this.

RIDAS provides assistance for group rides like this one.

We can assist you from 32,400 yen per day (including tax and transportation), but there are various plans available. We will be happy to discuss with you in due course.


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