Workshop held at Nakatsu Cycle Tourism Promotion Council

We gave a training session at a cycling guide workshop hosted by the Nakatsu Cycling Tourism Promotion Council in Oita Prefecture. Cycling operators and event patrol riders from the prefecture came to the workshop to learn about guiding and discuss how sustainable cycle tourism should be. The seriousness in everyone’s eyes made us feel very welcome.
This was my fourth visit to Yabakei in Nakatsu City, and as always, it was wonderful to see the beautiful original Japanese landscape.
And above all, the warm hospitality of everyone involved. Suehiroya, an old guesthouse for cyclists and inbound travelers located in the castle town of Nakatsu City, is an inn where you can stay as if you were living in the house. Cycling operators gather there as if at home, and conversations about cycling in Oita are held every day.
I was convinced that this is the starting point of a great cycling project.