Promotion of cycle tourism in Kato-shi, Hyogo Prefecture

I went to Kato City on a promotional mission for the Hyogo Prefecture’s cycling business. As the hometown of Yamada-Nishiki sake rice, many prominent sake breweries were showing off their rice paddies in the special A district. I was amazed at the density of the Yamada-Nishiki plantings.
Next was Toryu-nada.
I was surprised again by the mass of andesite rock that suddenly appeared on the calm surface of the river.
And the most amazing thing was the facilities of the Kato-shi Tourist Association. There were many e-bikes, cross bikes, road bikes, a Wahoo kicker bike, a drawer with tools, a bike stand, and even a Honda N-BOX as a support vehicle.
What is even more impressive is the skill of the guide, Yasuhiro Uno. He was practicing almost all of the contents of the guiding courses that we have been offering for the past three years.