Let’s enjoy sport bicycles after Corona! Full-scale sports bicycles test-ride events in Chugoku, Shikoku, and Kansai regions.

Corporation will hold test-ride events (TEST-RIDE CIRCUS) in February and March 2023 in Chugoku and Shikoku (Okayama Prefecture) and Kansai (Shiga Prefecture), bringing together manufacturers and brands of sport bicycles from Japan and abroad.
With Corona and after-Corona becoming more and more popular these days, we aim to create a hands-on event where more and more people can experience the growing popularity of sports bicycles.
The event will include presentation time for each participating brand, allowing visitors not only to touch and test ride the bikes, but also to learn more about the brand’s appeal through presentations on brand history and technology from the people in charge.
We will continue to plan test-drive events to provide real information to consumers and to create a smaller but more intense contact between brands and consumers.


■Test Ride Events Held at Closed Circuits with Safety and Security in Mind
All events are held at closed circuits where no cars or pedestrians are allowed, reducing the risk of accidents. All levels of participants, from beginners to experts, can participate with peace of mind.

Brand presentations that allow visitors to experience not only driving, but also “knowing.
Participating exhibitors (sports bicycle brands and manufacturers) will give presentations on their products. By test riding after understanding the features of each brand and product, visitors can get a better feel for the appeal of each product.


▶February 23, 2023 (Thursday: Emperor’s Birthday)

Nadasaki Lakeside Park [Okayama City, Okayama Pref.]

▶March 21, 2023 (Tuesday: the first day of spring)

Tsukinowa Driving School [Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture, Japan]

The hours for both events are scheduled from 10:00-16:00.

Scheduled Participating Brands and Manufacturers

※There is a possibility of increase or decrease in the future.

Event Participation Fee and Application Procedures
There is no fee to participate in the event.
No advance registration or reservation is required.
*To reduce congestion, each exhibitor may make its own reservations, but no reservations or pre-registrations will be made for the event as a whole.

■For sport bicycle retailers
This event will not be held by a specific retailer. This event will be held by the event company, so please bring your customers to the venue.
Please use this event as a good business opportunity for all of you.