Cannondale SLATE EXPERIENCE in Nara

Do you have a “sense of adventure” inside of you?

Lidas and Cannondale held a collaborative event “Cannondale SLATE EXPERIENCE in Nara” in Nara Prefecture, where spring is in full swing.
Riding the “SLATE” road bike equipped with Lefty suspension, cyclists enjoyed the Lidas concept of riding through locations with “Japanese original landscape” and “hometown” feel.
The SLATE is not a road bike that requires you to keep your eyes on the road surface while seeking speed and distance, nor is it a mountain bike that requires you to seek thrills.
We dared to choose rough paved roads and cobblestones to feel the maximum potential of SLATE, but we also stopped at various places to enjoy the scenery of Nara.

Please check out the photo report.

Season of grass sprouting.

Rented a well-maintained SLATE from Cannondale in each size. We can feel everyone’s excitement.

Multi-purpose performance that can be driven even on a slight footpath or an abandoned road.

An ordinary rice paddy road can quickly turn into a road of adventure once you get on the SLATE. You can’t experience this on a road bike.

The inverted suspension Lefty is in full force.

Touring in search of the original landscape of Japan, as Lydas does.

For lunch, we offer special Western cuisine from our partner Kitchen KOKORO. Bread, potato salad, sausage, minestrone, jambalaya, chiffon cake… all homemade delicacies.

Cured ham is also served cut out.

We enjoyed the atmosphere with non-alcoholic wine and quenched our thirst with Perrier.

In the afternoon, we changed places and cycled along the old highway. Rape blossoms were in full bloom by the sunken bridge.

The weather feels like early summer. The tour is at its climax.

Please join us again next time.

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